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castle tonight? maybe? probably not? - animus pakadimas
castle tonight? maybe? probably not?
looking for an artist who is numb?
might as well be finding a tree in the woods.

feeling this way only because he's been left in the cold too long?
like a frozen piece of meat.

he walks proudly around these empty scenaries, holding his head high; with a limp.
like a broken record with the most beautiful songs it could never wish to play again.
an image of perfection in every way; oil on canvas used like a sidewalk.

who played cops and robbers and cowboys and indians and was the hero every time; he never
dies, and seldom cries.

what is it about family, friends and lovers that draw his attention like magnets for hurting
burns and scornful yearninig feelings dry heaving from the inside of a shallow heart.?
contempt for contemporaries keeping secrets discearning the downhearted and dire degree of
1 person is not different or are you different than the others?
jewlee182 From: jewlee182 Date: March 18th, 2010 01:02 am (UTC) (Link)
i like how you post this deep poem and the subject is essentially, "who wants to go to the cllluubbb tonight?!"
1 person is not different or are you different than the others?