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Nostalgia - animus pakadimas
I've been feeling nostalgic lately. I started this livejournal 15 years ago.

I was 15 then. Now I am 30.

That was half of my life ago. How things have changed.

I was reading some of Dane's posts. There are so many. It would be like a book to read them all.

I've been finding myself looking up old obscure 90's and early 00's emo and screamo music. Recess Theory, The Grey AM, Kite Flying Society etc.

I'd love to go to some shows, but the good music scene is pretty dead. I've been going to a lot of hippie festivals and doing wild things and staying up for days on end, but the novelty has worn off and I find myself wistfully thinking of the dashboard, get up kids, saves the day, in passing, and copeland shows I went to at places like the Orpheum, Neptune's, State Theater, Masquerade, House of Blues, Sapphire Supper Club and all of the local shows with featherweight, reflecting on shakesphere, dc north, kicking howard etc. in all the little and medium sized venues throughout central Florida.

We had a great thing here back in the late '90s and early '00s. It's too bad the music we enjoyed and lived for exploded into the mainstream and became something completely different and unappealing. But I will be keeping my eye out for some of my old favorites coming to town. It's just too bad places like The Kids Skateshop no longer exist, and the spirit of the local scene has faded into the corners of ybor night clubs and the random occasional tour from a band that was once popular marking a ten or fifteen year anniversary of their most successful album.

Sappy emotional comments over.

Life Update: I haven't finished my Bachelor's Degree yet. Still need a year of college. Not currently enrolled. Married, recently to the love of my life. Working with autistic kids at Wesley Chapel High School; the place I met the group of friends that got me into Livejournal in the first place.

Happy 15th anniversary livejournal. After this year I will have started you over half my life ago.

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