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dreams - animus pakadimas
so last night i had a few dreams.

first: i was with a friend and i was in a HUGE fenced in jungle-like area with big electric fences like on Jurassic Park but i knew it was the just the country i lived in and they were a fucking hardcore police state. i felt like i just wanted the fuck out so i told my friend i was leaving and he says, "NOOO DONT THEYLL FUCKING CATCH YOU AND KILL YOU" and he showed me on his phone how anyone can look at an infrared satellite map at any time and the security is totally hardcore and people get rewarded for reporting others who try to break out. i think about it for a second and i say, "fuck that, i'm a human being, i'm not supposed to live in a fucking cage, i'll do whatever i fucking want!" and i took off running toward this stage-area that had some asshole spouting propaganda about how the fence is there for our protection and not to wonder what's outside of in. so i snuck backstage looking for a way to shut the power down and i find it. a big orange cable that is wrapped up in a coil; so i find a pair of huge stage-prop scissors backstage and unplug the cable and start chopping it up. then i hauled ass with the big scissors back to my friend in the jungle by the electric fence and i throw some pebbles at it to see if it's still active, and it was. i decided to cut the fence anyway, believing that the risk of electricution couldn't be worse than the encagement and that even if i don't make it, maybe others will be able to make it, or at least try to make it, or at least think about making it. then i cut the motherfucker and all kinds of alarms went off and i shot off into the jungle on the other side feeling the most overwhelmingly intense feeling of freedom and then shifted into another dream.

second dream: dreary cold battlefield, hiding in the trenches. i got lost from my platoon because of some massive gunfight and explosions that happened and i had to gtfo of the place i was in so i hitched a ride with some random military hum-v from my side that is leaving before everyone gets exploded. we head back to our base, which has been half buried in dirt with trenches dug out all around it. the bottom of the trenches were lined with body bags full of corpses of our allies. i recognized a friend of mine from a long time ago, i hadn't seen for a year or so. he's sitting there, guarding the bodies it seems. he tells me that one of our old friends is one of the bodies, i look down and i recognize his face through a slightly clear body bag and i drop to my knees and cursed humanity. then woke up.
1 person is not different or are you different than the others?
adidas_warrior From: adidas_warrior Date: July 27th, 2010 05:24 am (UTC) (Link)
holy shit you still use this thing AMAZING!!!!!
1 person is not different or are you different than the others?