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first post in a bajillion years! - animus pakadimas
first post in a bajillion years!
party last night was pretty epic. apparently i have really good cologne? lol@ fallon smelling me all night. i saw a few people i hadn't seen in YEARS! i have such a bad memory i can barely remember people anymore. it makes me feel bad when i don't recognize them and apparently they know me so well :( i blame drugs.

fallon's new bf seemed pretty cool. about the only guy who could carry an intelligent conversation. he thinks i'll go far with my writing, which is inspiring. i think i might write something this evening.

i haven't really been using this journal lately, as you may have noticed... i doubt any of my old readers are even here anymore. i've kinda strayed away from the daily routine format and tried to do something a little more creative with my blogs and am finished with it. it is quite nostalgiac though; regurgitating what i think to be some of the more interesting parts of my life onto this 10 year old technological canvas of a journal.

the copeland farewell show is on the 8th of next month, i think me and robert are going and meeting up with some friends there.

i'm also supposed to go to tally on the 1-3 of next month which i'm super excited about, and then camping sometime soon after that. in tally, i'm supposed to go and see jewlee, a girl i like that i met while she was home for spring break. she's infinitely interesting to me for so many reasons. we've only been talking for a couple weeks, so it's hard to tell if she's interested in me or just using me as rebound from the last douchebag she dated, or possibly a mixture of the two... but in any case she's the first person i've actually sort of hit it off with in about a year, so that says something i guess.

long distances though; blegh.

robbie's had a baby and is home from iraq. he's throwing a party at his house and i'm heading out there now.... but he blows people up :( i am so afraid i'll slip up and say something that he and his family doesn't agree with, like the fact that i don't believe in war or killing. maybe i should stay sober.

i've been reading history by default because i need a break from Hunter S. Thompson so i ordered the collected works of Jack Kerouac, some books i've been wanting to read for a long time! i am excited for when they get here.

need to get a new ethernet cable so i can pwn bitches at some modern warfare.

i'm a bit of a cynic, but i still like to see the beauty in things. if you stop for a moment and look around you'll realize; it's all beautiful, it's all chaos, and it's all happening RIGHT NOW!

i've been feeling a little bit of inner-turmoil lately and i want it to end. i've been meditating and that helps. becoming a tree, forgetting about it, but it's not a permanent fix. it's possibly all this self medication, dizzying highs, deafening lows. i should write something, i'm just rambling now.

feeling//: drained drained
hearing//: die antwoord

1 person is not different or are you different than the others?
jewlee182 From: jewlee182 Date: March 21st, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
i ♥ your super gay icon! it makes me lolz. :P
1 person is not different or are you different than the others?